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Dear Sir or Madam,

Recently I had a set of keys stolen from a member of staff on a fire restoration job. The keys were stolen with a jacket & sunglasses. All staff involved on this job ended up emptying a skip just in case someone had thrown them out accidentally.

None of us had any idea where they were until next morning when we received a phone call from your office to inform us that they had been hande into the Glenorchy Police Station.

It turned out that one of the tenants from the building we were working in had stolen them. A vehicle she was travelling in started throwing items out of the window going up the highway, the vehicle behind thought it was suspicious when he saw a set of keys thrown to the side of the road. He turned around went back to retrieve them saw the tag & dropped them off to the police with a description, car model & registration number.

We had the keys back in less than 18 hours. The key register is a fantastic idea, great value for money and the speedy way of getting one’s property back was unbelievable. I did not think we would get any of our property back and had ideas of all locks on the business warehouse office vehicles & home being replaced.

I can only thank you for the prompt efficient service you gave us.

Yours Sincerely

Jane Wilson