10 Lockheed Street
Tamworth NSW 2340
(02) 6765 7288

Dear John,

Recently we had the opportunity to “test” your Key Register recovery service.

One of our emloyees Gerry Cannon left his keys on the boot of his car at 11pm as he was leaving work. As our factory is located in the Industrial section of town, Gerry drove via Jewry St on his way home. He was unaware that he had lost his work keys, as he often leaves them in his car most days, at work.

I was surprised to receive a call from your people to tell me that Gerry’s keys had been found, as Gerry had not missed them at this point. I spoke to Gerry that his keys had been handed in and he had to report to the Police Station and collect the keys.

The Key Register system does work and like Insurance you wonder why you pay it each year.
However we now recognise the value of your system, and we will continue to use this effective system in the future.

Charles Latter

Bakery Manager