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About The Commonwealth Key & Property Registry

The Commonwealth Key and Personal Property Registry (Commonwealth Key) started in Sydney in 1900, as a means of providing a hassle-free method of returning lost keys/property to the rightful owners

“Commonwealth Key” is Australia’s oldest and largest Key Register Company and is part of the Alfa Omega Nominees Pty Ltd group of companies (Incorporated in Victoria)

Today it encompasses all of Australia’s original Key Register Companies, including:

  • The Commonwealth Key & Property Register (Est Vic 1908)
  • The Commonwealth Key & Property Register (Est SA 1940)
  • Australasian Key & Valuables Registry Co (Est Qld 1921) now known as Australasian Key Register
  • Australasian Key Register (Est NSW 1977)

With Over 100 Years of Service – Means we’re doing it right!

For over 100 years, Comkey have been assisting those who have misplaced their keys to find them again, hassle free!

With a long-standing partnership with Australia’s Police Departments, we have been able to return thousands of sets of keys to their rightful owners

Historically, we have only made the Service available to the business community.  More recently however, we have now expanded our operation to encompass all areas of our society – meaning anyone can now register their personal keys.

This is due to the fact that not only are general keys more complex, but modern car-key systems are incorporating electronic entry and ignition systems and are extremely expensive and time-consuming to replace!

Signing up for Comkey means that you are mitigating the risk of having to pay for a brand new set of expensive keys, by using the oldest trick in the book! A small, but meaningful incentive for someone who finds your keys, to hand them in to the nearest police station.

A modest annual fee (as little as $20) gets you started.

Apply now for the proven peace of mind security of a Commonwealth Key label.