149 River Street
Ballina NSW 2478
Ph/Fax (02)6686 2008
email: derfor@ozemail.com.au

Dear Mr Wheeler,
We took out cover with your company during the same month that we bought this business – September, 1980 – and have been called on by John, your representative, every year since then. When I see John, I know it must be September!

A few weeks ago, after a staff member had her handbag, which contained shop keys, stolen from her home, we needed to replace the front door lock immediately. Once we had received the invoice and receipt from the locksmiths, I rang your office and was told that a Claim Form would be sent out. It arrived a few days later and I was impressed with the simplicity of filling it in; completely free of ‘jargon’ and potential ‘delaying tactics’.

Minutes later it was ready for posting (in a pre-paid envelope provided) and, a few days later we received a cheque for the full amount of the invoice together with a pleasant covering letter.

I commend you, your company and your staff for the hassle-free service that you provide. Almost every other ‘insurer’ could certainly learn a thing or two from the way that you conduct your business!

Yours sincerely,

Derek Forkgen