The Commonwealth Key & Property Register
Level 6
20 Queens Street
Melbourne 3000

Attention: Bryan Wheeler

Dear Bryan,

We have been a member of your service for the past four years and in that time have used your services a couple of times, but the last interaction with your company was the most interesting.

I received a call from your company last week stating that the police had contacted you through the key tag number on a set of keys registered to our company. It was in fact my wife’s car keys that had been lost two years earlier. My wife thought that she had lost them down a water drain at the time.

Not sure of the events between the two year period, but my wife has been working with just one set and was about to purchase a new set of car keys and due to the sophisticate security system was gong to cost around the $800 mark.

It just goes to show that your service does work and it was very easy to collect the keys from the police station after one of your employees provide all the relevant details and steps.

Thanks & Regards
Simon Howden
Managing Director