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Forest Lake QLD 4078
(07) 3372 7278

Dear Mr Wheeler,

When I was first visited by John Colston in Brisbane, in 1983, I did not realize that our association would still be going strong after nearly twenty years. We had one previous occasion to send for claim forms for lost keys, but they were found before we had the locks replaced.

Late in January this year we lost a set of keys and immediately had the locks replaced. When I rang AKR I was told that I had terminated my membership in 1998! It transpired that my then business partner had told John that he wasn’t interested in continuing the membership. There was no way that I would have done so, as the feeling of being protected against loss, and the reward to a finder made membership very worthwhile.

To my great astonishment the staff member I spoke to said that in the circumstances she would treat the claim as if my membership had not lapsed. Can you imagine the same treatment from an insurance company?

I duly filled in the claim and was promptly reimbursed in full. I would recommend that anyone with keys to lose, (and isn’t that everybody?), become a member. THe annual outlay is small compared to the peace of mind it brings, and the service is exceptional.

Thank you again.

Yours sincerely,

Alastair N. Bax